Monday, October 19, 2009

I just realized how everyday we wake up to “face” the day. As if we are going on to fight some war. We nag about the situation we are in and if we belong to one of the “refined” groups we try to rationalize everything. Finding reasons to know why we are what we are and how we can not be what we are and be what we never were but always wish we were. Huff! Exhausting even saying the words isn’t it? But this is what we do every day and night. I often wonder how much do we really own? How much we really know and how much can we really control? It seems safer to know as much as possible, gather most we can under our wings but to what extent is it going to change things? Are we forgetting to fly?
The emphasis of the Indian scriptures and philosophers on ‘detachment’ always puzzled me. How can everyone in the world turn into saints and legends with no desires? Or may be while we obsess over the apparent, we fail to read between the lines. The truth! Imagine your beloved bike broke. The mechanic declared that nothing could be done and suggested you to take it to a scrapping centre. How angered and devastated would you feel? You would forget all about how you toured around the whole city, the places it took you and all the happiness you accumulated over the years hit the nil sum, even adding a few minuses. Foolish isn’t it? The brilliance of the word “detachment” suddenly hit me. Every sorrow, disappointment and anxiety comes down to this very point. Fear of loosing makes it all worst. A mind free from all such fears can give you an immense feeling of a liberated self. And of course- happiness! Well… still wondering… lets see...

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