Monday, November 17, 2008

असंबद्धतेच्या चॊकटीतुन बाहेर किंचाळणारया नजरा...

आपला वेगळेपणा हवाहवासा वाटुनही गर्दीत मावण्याचा अट्टाहास...

मोठा मोठा होत चुरगळून हरवलेला आवाज...

आणि कानाचे पडदे हालवून सोडणारी निरव शांतता...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What in life you can call pain?

Huddle of thoughts crossing each other’s path
Or following something which can’t be called a path
Splatters of colours decolouring your vision
Or something enchanted chaining each reason

Suddenly all dictionaries fall awfully short
Palates dry, no center in the board of dart
Mirror seems fragile, cracking with a glimpse
Same is the way each day ends and begins

Windows and doors appear to be solid
No indication of a beam nor a light
A mighty darkness rapidly creeps in
Making the dark red spot bigger than the fright

And abruptly at an instance time stands still
Breeze starts coming in
And things you though you would never feel….
You reach for the words in desperation to comprehend
Ending up in realization that you can’t really find an end…